Space Pirates

Is a rail shooter where you take control over the space pirate ship for the Captain and Lieutenant. This is a small adventure where you are on the hunt for a treasure chart which is in the possesion of the Rezor Crest pirate ship which is currently at their home base on an asteroid orbiting the planet Quasar. Your goal is to navigate the asteroid field around the planet to be able to ambush them at their homebase and accuire the tresure chart.


Start Menu

The start menu in the game show of the timeline with the player ship moving along it in a loop in the background. The player can play the game starting with the intro level, go to the credits scene or quit the game.


You steer the ship using the WASD on the keyboard. The ship has set path throughout the game so you are not in charge of where you are going only where you are on the screen. Your job is to avoid obstacles, enemy cannons and enemy ships to keep the ship intact for the entire journey.

You can use the ships cannons to attack enemy ships, cannons and asteriods and collect loot in the process. You cannons shoot plasma in three diffrent directions, dependent on which cannons you choose to fire.

  • Main cannon is fired with space or left mouse button and fires in the direction of the ship.
  • Left cannons fire with Q or middle mouse button and this unleashes a barrage of fire from the port side.
  • Right cannons fire with E or middle mouse button and this unleashesa barrage of fire from the starboard side.


Along the adventure you will be forced to fend of numeros smaller enemy ship belonging to the Rezor crest crew. The enemy will either try and ram you by flying straight at you along a set path or they will have cannons mounted ontop of them which will shot at the player.

There are two classes that all the enemies have. The Enemy script which holds the enemy data and the EnemyHandler which holds an event that the enemy can invoke by calling the EnemyDeath function inside it.

Small ship

This is the popcorn enemy with only the objective of ramming the player and dealing a lot of damge in the process. They only have one life and are easy to avoid on there own. The often come as part of a larger group.

Small enemy with high ram damage

Medium ship

This is basic enemy which has a cannon which fires cannonballs at the player at set intervals. This ship has a bit more health and often travel with a few others. This ship forces the player to dodge itself as well as the cannon balls fire from it.

Medium enemy with a cannon


The cannons can be attached to ships like the medium ship and boss ship, but the can also be placed as statinoary ships ontop of structures. It doesen’t matter for the cannon as it has a capsule collider mounted to its front to notify it when the player is inside its firing range. It then does a calculated guess of where the player will be in a few seconds and fire at that spot in an atempt to hit the playership.

Stationary cannon


This is an enemy with a lot of health and is usally part of an objective. It is much bigger than the other ships and it carries a lot of cannons to be able to fire barrages at the player at any given oppertunity with deadly outcome to the unprepared.

The first boss is The Rezor Crest which is a twice as big pirate ship with the double the cannon capacity as the player and is the primary target of an entire level.

Enemy Commander Rezor Crest


The rail the player and enemis use are created from unity’s timeline tool. This tool tells the player where to be at any given time in the level as well as all the enmies. The only thing the player controlls is where to shot and where to be on the screen.

The timeline also controlls all the UI effects like button flashing, the dialougue popping up and which text to display through activating specific UI text and images.


The player has to avoid collideing with enemy ships, asteroids and terrain along the rail. The player crashes if it collides with asteroids or the terrain, but only take damage from enemy ships. The rail is placed in a way that the player must move the ship away from the center of the screen at times to avoid hitting these obstacles.


The currency of the game is loot and this is accuried through hitting and destroying enemies as well as trough the completion of objectives in the level. This is the score value for the rail shooter and when you get loot it is added to the acuired loot wich is the top area which is then moved to current amount with a speed that is dependent on the amount of loot you have recently aquired.


While playing you will have obejectives displayed at the top right of the screen. These objectives are either critical for wining a level, a means of accuruing additional loot or just basic information. The objetcives have either just info or a progress part as well which can track how many enemies you have destroyed of a total. The objective give rewards depending on the progress procentage. If you get 100% you will recive a full reward otherwise the reward will shrink with the procentage.

Result screen

At the end of a level, while pausing or during deafeat you are presented with the result screen which has a title corresponding to which state it was entered. The result screen keeps track of the progresss the player is making in the level and displays this in four rows.

  • First row showcase the procentage of how many objectives have been completed and to which extent.
  • Second row showcase the procentage of how many enemies have been destroyed of a total
  • Third row showcase the procentage of how much loot has been accuried of a maxium in the level
  • Fourth row showcase the rating for the level based on a combined procentage of the three rows above and is displayed as a letter it a decending order as follows: A->B->C->D->E->F.



This a link to download the game from my drive and give it a try.