About Me

My name is Fredrik Bladh and I am a game programmer that has studied at The Game Assembly. I am a committed person who likes to solve problems and keep improving. As a game programmer I like to push my skills to the edge and find new and interesting ways of writing code.

I like to work as part of a team and produce a product that I can be proud of. I am punctual, like challenges and I work hard to keep my deadlines. As an employee at your company I would be able to utilize my skills to their full capacity and keep evolving as a game programmer.

On my downtime I like to play different kinds of games. Everything from board games, tv-games to computer games. I love the role-playing genre of games that has complex storyline with choices and consequences. I also like to write stories on my own time and my prefered genre is fantasy.

I recently started to enjoy modeling, scuplting, rigging and animating creations in blender which I then use in projects of own I make in either unreal engine 4 or unity.