Hover is a 3d arcade platform game where the goal is to move the hover craft from point A to point B collect an object then return back to A while avoiding any obstacles along the way.


Core loop

The main loop of the game is to manuver the hover craft with three simple commands from point A ->B then back to A. You can apply thrust with space which moves the hover craft in the direction the top is pointing towards. You can also rotate the hover craft to control in which direction you want to apply thrust.

Tutorail level 1 showing the victory condition for a level


There is only a few safe areas for the hovercraft to interact with. In this game they are the blue platforms and the green ones. Everything else will result in the craft crashing and the level restarting.

Hover crashing

The green obstacles can be pushed by the player to open up new pathways.

Tutorial level 2 introducing the first movable obstacle

The red obstacles are for the most part statinoaray but they are sometimes moving or rotating in a level, forcing the player to time their approach and find an appropriate timeframe to slip through the gaps towards the goal area.

Tutorial level 3 introducing the first moving obstacle
Showing the rotating obstacles

Hover craft

The hover craft is a collection of basic shapes with a few particle effects and a rocket script to listen to the player inputs and applying thrust and rotation to it.


The controlls for the hover craft is space to apply thrust in the up direction and A/<- or D/-> to rotate the hover craft left or right. Bellow is the two functions responsible for the movement.

The script on the camera that makes it follow the player.


Showcasing the third level in Hover


If you want to try the game use this link to access a compressed file containing the game from my drive.